Quality Policy


A group of experts specializing in the world of air-conditioning, refrigeration and water treatment technology and the environment inside and outside Egypt for more than fifteen years we have decided to set up a company Pure Life concepts of modern rely on the study of the market and its requirements and address the negatives are relying on scientific foundations and calibrator used in all countries of the world. Among the most important results of research and study, we found that after-sales service excellence is the only way the warranty company offers, but we do not want only discrimination but we aspire to be the best we have found that our path starts from the service of selling first and then after-sales service using group of the best equipment and most efficient products for companies with the weight in the field to help us in what we aspire to not get carried away toward the less efficient devices even if they are the most profitable. As your confidence is our goal using our experience of scientific and practical work to serve you the most effort we had was the slogan of our company and our approach which we have drawn from our experience is that our past ... our present your service ... your trust our future why air conditioners from PURE LIFE ? - All marks are available. - Huge discounts. - Multiple systems installments without interest and without the presenter. - The efficiency and speed in performance. - Technical staff at the highest level. - Maintenance of using the latest hardware. - Distributor for major companies, air-conditioning. (Sharp - LG - Trane - Brvks - Union Air - Carrier - Samsung). - Ashan Bnovrlk conditioning system in which all the features de • a very calm voice - high-speed cooling. - Pure and healthy air. • Provide in the consumption of electricity. - To ensure a comprehensive free. - Elegantly proportioned shape. And violin at low rates. PURE LIFE house of air conditioning